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the angel oil

the angel oil

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Made in micro-batches to ensure quality, the angel oil is alchemized with magick and the frequencies of organic flowers.

Organic calendula flowers slipped into a bath of argan seed oil and marula oil on the new moon with an intention that reads, "Love Is Ever Flowing". 

For 5+ weeks, I offered loving prayers to the flowers steeping under the moonlight and releasing their calming qualities into the base oil.

Before this product is shipped to you, I blend it with a unique selection of high-quality anti-inflammatory, healing, and sensual essential oils, including lavender, ylang ylang, copaiba, turmeric, frankincense, and bergamot.

Designed for moisturizing, healing, and self-massages✨May you feel the magic of the angel oi.

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    Customer Reviews

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    I wish I could rate The Angel Oil with all the stars in the sky 💫

    No review can justify the precious love put into the making of The Angel Oil. You simply have to experience it to feel it. My favorite part of using this oil as my skin loving ritual is the scent. Taking my time to smell the remaining oil on my hands after applying it on my skin not only calms my nervous system down but also awakens my senses. My skin loving ritual with Angel Oil feels sensual yet intentional, humble yet luxurious 🥰😌✨

    For friends with complicated skin concerns: I see you! I have very sensitive skin and will definitely breakout if I apply anything my skin disapproves. I am always hesitant to try new product. ‘Once you find what works, stick with it’ is my #1 skin care rule. However, learning about the all natural creation process of this oil convinced me to give it a shot. It wasn’t surprising that the Angel Oil quickly became part of my everyday self care ritual once I put my hands on it, replacing my old moisturizer I have been using for years. This 100% natural oil is gentle and nourishing - my skin is naturally dewy looking, healthy and happy.

    Pictured is my skin after using The Angel Oil with no make up.
    PS. Real skin have pores! 🫶🏼

    Mmmm hmmm

    I have used this oil all winter on my 5 year old son's face. He calls it "smell good." Imagine your child is so happy to see you because you have his favorite oil (lio oil) in your pocket. It actually warms his skin as it's applicated. He always feels relaxed from the smell and it gets our day going. Its fully organic and makes me feel safe sharing it with my kiddo

    my nose had the most delightful orgasm

    her oils are my favorite oils i have ever owned and smelled. the scent is so unique and light. i feel like i enter an aromatherapy session whenever i use them

    Great for sensitive, eczema-prone skin

    This oil goes on smoothly like a dream, and a little bit goes a long way!

    I have very sensitive skin that gets flaky and dry very easily, with angry eczema flareups that come and go. I'm sensitive to fragrances, have tons of environmental allergies, you name it. Like a previous reviewer, I'm hesitant to try new products because so often, I use something new on my face and end up with a big itchy red rash followed by weeks of battling eczema that flares up in that spot afterward. This happens even with some products that say they are good for sensitive skin.

    I've been using the Angel Oil daily (alternating sometimes with the Perfect Serum) on my face at night after showering for nearly a month now, and it has been wonderful! The scent is calming, it feels moisturizing and not overly greasy, and best of all, my skin has gotten smoother since using it regularly - even the eczema patches. I now look forward to treating my face to this oil every night!

    Heal and Glow with Angel Oil!

    I am so in love with my Angel oil. Since the minute I received it, it became a consistent part of both my morning and night time routines. It is very clear how much love, thoughtfulness and hard work Angel poured into this oil. Not only does it give you an instant glow but it’s truly a healing experience. The smell grounds you into a soothing, calm and transcendent state. Get your hands on this oil now!